Interview with Mikail Il

The prolific artist Mikail Il is consistently surprising us.
His environment focused art is diverse and colorful as they come, he is an artist that really cares about balance on his composition.
in this exclusive interview, we will delve into Mikail’s mind and artistry! Remember, purchasing a print is direct support to Mikail. So keep that in mind as we learn more about him.

Abutab Palace
1-Please give a brief introduction about yourself
MIKAIL IL — I am an Environmentconcept artist and illustrator based in Iran. I worked in the game industry creating concept art for companies such as ,(Anu),(Ghost phoenix)(enlighted intertament robote) and  now ,work with (MTD)(mind travel design) as a freelance Conceptartist.
E d u c a t i o n
B.A-Graduated from Tehran university of Art.2017
Now study at (science & research branch Tehran)
(Master of Arts) university
Location:17th February 1994, Tehran, Iran
Holy Land
Tell us about your art in general.
I have been traditional painting with oil color techniques since childhood …. except for my own habits … (the trace brushes) So that’s why it looks primitive …for example  almost trace brushes and lightings and layer compositions to show you my brushwork style and oil color technique or special subjects in the showcase of (2011- 2014)
Of course, as you know, every concepts and illustration want its own technique and style. That is, companies projects prefer this.But the technique and the way I was able to move my work forward and get great results is the  (Speedpainting) technique
Time matters, so this technique works quickly. In this technique, all the elements of the art foundations are both important and used, thus enhancing the artist’s ability…
3- What inspires you to create art?
Feeling strong and on the other hand you are the creator of what you want to be
I’m influenced by the world and I use real patterns to build the mental world … it’s really weird. Creating a fantasy and strange world (wonderfull environment) and  time travel (scifi age )or returning to the past (Epic age)encourages me to pursue art
Persia Day
4- Can you tell us a bit about your process of creating art pieces?
Here again, it depends on the custom work, style and structure of the videogames and the animations of the company! They are first and foremost suggesting workflows(process) at times! But I can show you an example of the process about the (fantasy videogame)
1-Sketches/Colour roughs:  sketches. It is here we will decide the camera shot,
composition and overall staging of the scene
2-Call outs: (If needed) A Callout is for if/when we need to define certain key elements in
the scene.Note how in this example the call out is the object or the shape. It was needed to be
individually designed a bit further as to flush out the direction and look of it in the scene.
3-Mid point: here we are working on the final illustration. Everything should be coming
along smooth. This middle point is to identify any potential issues.
4-Final and layer separation: polished and of cinematic quality should be present. All
foreground, midground, and background elements must be separated in layers for the
illustration to be approved as complete.
Sometimes I prefer to use real photos to get results faster (photo bashing Tech)… but sometimes I use basic shapes to achieve great composition.
Sometimes I create specific thumbnails due to the work of moving colors and the central spotlight and other processes can also be selected.

5- What are your favorite pieces of art that you have created?

The Factory

1-the factory 
2- videogame called (TBW) which is for PC,
3- Eastern porch, this is just a pics  of a big project (Persia)and the story is actually told there
Persia Cave
6- Do you have a favorite piece of art that inspires you? If so, why?
I was influenced by the painters of classical and romanticism … they really knew exactly – lighting – color perspective – composition – movement – point of view
Such as william turner and albert bierstadt
I can’t recommend new digital painters or concept artist because they are many  (different styles and grades or types ) but one of my favorite artists is Craig mullins
7- What visual references do you draw in your work?
Actually … I haven’t used the reference or artworks much from the beginning of my artworks ! … It is weird …. I always wanted to discover instead of copying a photo or artwork!
That was my kind of performance … it’s different for others
8- How did you find out about Artlords?
A friend suggested that I share my work there (Artlord )
9- You are a prolific artist that has many fantasy and sci fi backgrounds under your belt. Yet a theme you keep exploring is “Persia”. Can you tell us more about this project?
it’s my honor, One of the collections that I have devoted so much time … It was really enjoyable to come across a different world ! Like PERSIA
I have been studying and modeling for a unique Eastern architecture for a long time … working on a
unique project that we can find few examples of…this is a new beginning for the videogames world…maybe!
of course … a great civilization like Iran mind It got me busy
As you know, the texture of the architecture, the arches, the mosque domes, the architecture with the brick decorations … all this made me search for Iran.
Like the Prince of Persia Ubisoft project
There are many stories in Persian cities … it is impossible to go to Isfahan or Yazd and not make you fascinated with learning to create this.
I hope to create a small part of the great Persian world … because it is both mysterious and novel and full of geometric patterns
Unfortunately, I’m looking for a sponsor to work deeply on my project … because it takes a lot of time and money and complicated storytelling or Careful planning
10- What about your sci fi work? What can you tell us about it?
Technology in the future has always been interesting, but everyone is coming up with a new model of artpacks
But it always fits in with the old patterns and the (sifi) patterns of the strange building. For example, the heat engine repair plant is appealing to me.
Of course, I was more into mode Epic
11- Do you have a message to the aspiring artists out there?
Do something that no one else can … That’s important
Be yourself … Be honest … The world of art has changed in my opinion, and the need to be a awesome 2d artist or a wonderfull 3d artist doesn’t matter anymore! … The world is looking for exciting new discoveries … You may be discovering it
12 – Please tell everyone how can people support you through Artlord Prints.
I’m looking for a way out of the current techniques, maybe for some time looking for a new style that is exciting and enhancing my abilities.

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