Interview with Behnam Balali

Behnam Balali artwork is divided into two styles, who meet up and mesh at every piece, almost as if they struggle to come out on certain pieces.
Is this contrast, of the cartoonish and the realism, that Balali’s art lives on.
We decided to have a talk with him and see what makes this artist tick!

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Can you please introduce yourself?
My name is behnam balali. I am an illustrator-concept artist and musician.born in
Tehran-Iran.I started drawing since childhood and do professional art from art school
and university. Always interested in art and music.

Digital Charcoal Portrait Drawing 01

Tell us about your art, in general.
I worked in different styles and forms for different projects…some painting and brush
style and some other in comic and 2d style. But my personal form is comic and 2d style.

Lion Born Comic Style

What drives you to create art?
I must say anything…my mind is always searching around my life and find something for
creation…something new and dreamlike…a scene that others may not see.

Rest In A Golden Time

Can you tell us a bit about your process of creating art pieces?
It is depending on my style chosen for each specific project…but always doing some
sketches in the first place until it meets my desired overall look and then trimming
and detailing turn…and the final step is coloring and adding effects.

Woods Of Mists

What are your favorite pieces of art that you have produced?
Really like most of my works because they are parts of my mind…but I like the most of
my 2d print like style works.

Daughter Of Chaos – Artlords team favorite Balali piece

Do you have a favorite piece of art that inspires you? If so, why?
Many artists…many works…really hard to tell…you know, always searching and learning
from anyone as much as I can.

The Curse Of Life

What visual references do you draw in your work?
Depending on the style I choose for projects…but in my personal work, I study
woodblock prints and Japanese arts.

Golden Days

How did you find out about Artlords?
Searching network as always.

Behind The Mountain

What can you tell us about Arthas Varian Wrynn and Rise of the Lich King your recent prints?
About these works…you know I think when you reading such fantastic fantasy books
like Warcraft while being an artist…you can not wait and do nothing…so as a fan I am
doing some art and put the Warcraft characters into my world of art.

Arthas – Get the print here for your living room! Doing so supports the artist directly.

What is your history with World of Warcraft?
I am a fan of Warcraft novel and stories and read most of the theme with a little experience
of the video game …but always Blizzard atmosphere inspires me…you know the big
fantasy worlds and gray characteristic with heroic designs.


You have a large series of Original Characters in your art, how do you come up
with their designs?
Almost Anything… searching for photos and reality and then something goes in my mind…I
say to myself (yes he/she can be some monster or hero in my fantasy world)…you know
I think anything in the real world can be some fantasy thing…and so you can find billions
designs in everywhere.

Shahnaameh 02

Do you have a message to the fledging artists out there?
The art is a hard work…but it is like the water for a young flower.try hard and get a life.
(Feel free to be cheesy/heartful as you want)

Lord Dracula

Please tell everyone how can people support you.
Thank you guys for supporting me…you can support me by following my
Instagram, Artstation, Artlord pages and feedback me to know about your feelings..and
also you can buy my prints. hope to enjoy the theme.

Rise of the Lich King- Get the print here for your living room! Doing so supports the artist directly.

Any last words?
Thanks for this conversation and thanks to Artlord for supporting me for these years and
hope to work together more.

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