Andy Timm’s Super Hero Inspiration

One of Hi-rez’s (of Smite fame) main artists, Andy Timm is celebrated by his larger than life re-interpretations of mythologies all around the world.
It’s no surprise to learn that he is a big superhero/comic book geek, considering said gods and myths inspired creators directly or indirectly when it came for creating characters for the Cape genre – Grant Morrisson’s Super Gods book explores this in-depth.
It’s Timm’s love for these super meatheads that allows him to push his art further and further along, what got hi ma job with Hi-rez and what keeps him pursuing mastery of his craft.
Don’t believe me? Then allow me to show you!

Bane vs. Venom – Click to get the print and support this artist!

This old piece from Andy Timm, showcasing Bane struggling with Venom (get it? Because he has to use a drug with the same name as the Marvel character? Eh? Anyone?). This was six years ago.

Thanos vs. Darkseid – Click to get the print and support this artist!

This newer piece was brought by Timm’s inspiration after watching Avengers Endgame. He wanted to revisit an older work and try to improve it. This return to the original idea wasn’t just a scheme to get clicks, the confrontation between Jack Kirby and Jim Starlin’s characters is one every comic book fan has in their mind once they are introduced to the characters. This energy, this imaginary rivalry drove Timm to refine and work on his craft, to evolve it from the original.

A Letter to Batman – Click to get the print and support this artist!

Finally, Andy Timm’s favorite piece tells a tale of someone who is inspired beyond pop culture – Considering this is a direct reference to “The Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks” by Ilya Repin.
Timm didn’t take that challenge as a way to just toss some popular characters on top of a classic painting, he used the opportunity to test himself and evolve as an artist.

To see Andy Timm’s process, check out his work here:
Doofpool, the Making Off
Letter to Batman, the Making Off

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