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Arthur, here.
For the last time in a while!
After four years providing you with my favorite digital artists that happen to bump into Artlords, it’s time for me to move on the next thing.
I adored my time with this community, so goodbye! And thanks for all the love.

Before I go to the great beyond, I wish to share you my favorite blog posts as well share how it felt to write it down. Let’s revisit the good times, shall we? (click on an image to go to the full post)


The art of Samurai Showdown
Art of Streets of Rage

These are two games that I knew for a fact were a bit obscure for North American readers (our biggest set of eyeballs on the website) and this reflects on the view count. However, the art in these games, from these artists, made me who I am today. I still remember staring at Streets of Rage II cover for hours as a kid, and I owned a poster with that image from Samurai Showdown.

Art of Berserk
Art of Lain
The Art of “Ghost in the Shell”

Berserk and Ghost in the Shell are legendary manga, with art that has inspired many digital artists from time to time. In the Ghost in the Shell post, we even talk a lot about Maciej Kuciara, who joined us early on the Artlords life span and went out to work on the live action movie.
Finally, I decided to share Lain art as well because it’s a series that spoke to me and my work. For someone who spends so much time in the internet looking at pieces of digital art, how much that impacts me on the “meat world” was always something in my mind.

Art of “Intergalactic Lucha Libre League”

My first independent project, made with two members from Digital Artlords, Tiago Silverio and Daniele Cruz. To present it to the world via Artlords made it extra special. Now that I am leaving, I will have plenty of time to work on more RPG books from now on. So if you enjoyed this particular “Art of”, expect even more in the near future.


Tales of Alethrion – Character Illustrations

Posted by Reneldy, this was our first official art showcase for the blog. The Reward’s main artist was with us from the beginning, to be able to showcase his art for the world to see was quite the honor.

The Sixtar Series

One of the most commented Story series we had. The creator, Jessica TC Lee, commented on the story and made me feel validated for this work.


Hunter Baugh‘s body of work is all awesome. But this got to be my favorite.

A New Generation of Heroes

Ideas of new superhero-like characters, inspired by the amazing art posted every day to the website.


Sabbas Apterus leads the undead charge in this sleeper hit of a post!

City is Mine – A tribute

A project about transforming the aesthetic of a song into an art showcase. While the project was deemed a failure, I still had plenty of fun working on this.

Quickies – Just click on it to see the post

The Art of Thanos

Le Vuong’s Fantastical Art

Rastislav Le’s Fantasy Character Work

The Art of “Batman Incorporated”

Sandstorm! The Desert Showcase

Tutorial – ‘Bounty’ Timelapse by Albert Urmanov

Artlords Tales – The Porcelain Witch Duology

Cody Schroder’s Marvel Heroes

Don’t throw your old Art (Soul) away

Gallery Spotlight: Hector Ruiz’s Colorful cyborgs

Playing with Fire – A pipping hot art showcase

Gallery Spotlight: Daniel Wearing’s Stylish Character Design

The Art of “In Extremis”

Made this way – The Warforged/Golem gallery

Eastern Fantasy Showcase

Mecha Showcase

The Elven Conclave

World’s Finest – The duo that Inspires

Character Concept Extravaganza!

Artist Spotlight – Caleb Nefzen

Action Packed Artworks vol.2

Pokemon Go, the inspiration

Tutorial – Maciej Rebisz – Mecha thumbnail sketches

Artist Spotlight – Hugh Pindur


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The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

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