All About Sketches

Ah, Sketches.
By their nature, they are rapid, free hand. They are used to give the artist a beginning, the base for their work. In this post, we will explore the quick, the incomplete, the ideas given form on the paper. Join us as we thrive in sketches!

Appetizers – Traditional Sketches into full art pieces

Some examples of artists using sketches to reach their completed art.

A process showcase from Daniele Cruz
Fantasy Mech Machine Sketch by
Pavel Dubik’s original piece
Pavel Dubik’s revisit


Tifa Sketch2 by Adrianm
Creature Sketches by Gary Laib
Medusa Character Design by Catherine Steuer

Behnam Balali’s Sketch Series

Balali is no stranger to Artlords. However we shed a spotlight to his many sketches in this post. Notice how the use of color makes these rapid drawings come to life.

John Elijah Santos’ Head Sketches

Notice these aren’t “pure” Sketches, there has some post-production here, with colors and form. Yet John was kind enough to let the sketch marks he had for the heads to show up on this step of the work, giving us insight into how he pulled this off.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yacine BRINIS Rapid Sketches

Now, this is more of what you have in mind when it comes to sketches, BRINIS puts the focus on speed and shapes for this series of work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Eldrige Stanley Que‘s Bizarre Monsters Sketches

With a name like “Eldrige”, monsters is what you expect. And these sketches deliver in spades!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alex Figini’s Sketch Dump of Wonderful Ideas

And we finish here with Figini’s attempt of putting to the pen a whole universe of characters, sketchy style.

Sketches 001 by Alex Figini




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