Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight – Monthly Edition – June 2018

Welcome back to the Weekly Spotlight – Monthly Edition!
This week is all about June, an important Month for the website.
We had our first collaboration with a Kickstarter project (in which we are glad to help, contact us over facebook with Yong Hui’s Pentopia project got us excited. However, there’s even more good stuff in June!
From Witch Doctors to the creepiest Dune art you ever saw, this is June!
Catch you next week.


K1112b by Alex Brady
Happyplace by Henry Peters



























Chaper by mikail iL


Tribal by Jose Alejandro Cardona
Heaven Or Hell by mikail iL
Water Legends 05 by Zoltán Bogdán
Spaceship 10 by Zoltán Bogdán
Sheeana And The Maker by Alex Brady
K12bb by Alex Brady
Kael The Striker by Yong Hui Ng
Zero Two by Oliver Wetter
The Home by mikail iL
Enter by Kishoreghosh17
Tank by Pawel Dubik
Sketch by Pawel Dubik
Archangel by Ivan Sevic
Moth Prodigy by Yong Hui Ng
Depths Of Thorn Cave by Yong Hui Ng
Carrionroots Fight Scene by Yong Hui Ng
Amaranthus Wolves Pack by Yong Hui Ng
Leto2 by Alex Brady
Find The Way by mikail iL
Chaper by mikail iL
Sevitor by Yong Hui Ng
Cicada Clan by Yong Hui Ng
Moth Clan by Yong Hui Ng
Spaceship 04 by Zoltán Bogdán
Spaceship 02 by Zoltán Bogdán
Spaceship 06 by Zoltán Bogdán
Game Of Thrones Aegon Targaryen by Paolo Puggioni
Hydra Fight Scene by Yong Hui Ng
Making Connections by Edgars Miškins

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The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

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