Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight – Monthly Edition – March 2018

Another week, another incredible Weekly Spotlight – Monthly edition comes your way!

The month of March is one of the best examples of why we decided to do a series of monthly editions. So many sets, ideas and compositions were submitted in March that it nearly drove us crazy when trying to pick the Top 3. So much so that Ren eventually threw his hands up and said “Screw it, we’re going with 5!!!”.
Get ready for some amazing pieces from some of my personal favorites like Zal Artworks with a zombie losing its mind, to Gabor Szasz pastel fantasy masterpiece.

March is a month of hope for all digital art lovers out there.

Here’s March 2018!


Lava Castle by Alexandra Petruk
The Warrior by Mikail IL
Vanity Fair by Zal Artworks
The Lost Lenore by Micaela Dawn
Reflection by Mohammad Noor


Stranded by Hector Ruiz
Leap by Gabor Szasz
Golem by Gabor Szasz
Bird Lady by Gabor Szasz
Beach Pointless by Alexandra Petruk
Celestial Gods Bridal Dance by Alexandra Petruk
Viro by Zal Artworks
Race To The Tower by Domenico Sellaro
Biker Cdc by Mathias Melly
Pustina by Tomáš Olekšák
Road by Jose Alejandro Cardona
Wizard by Gabor Szasz
Terraformers Hybrid Defense Mechanism by Aumes Ronoy
Iron Blade Cassandra by Lazar Alex
Miyamoto Orcsashi by Rastislav Le
Brushwork by Mikail IL
Ruin Walkway by Øyvind Lien
Mask Guy by Gabor Szasz
Breaking The Gates by Aumes Ronoy

About the Author Arthur De Martino

The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

Weekly Spotlight – Monthly Edition – March 2018
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