The Root Of A Creative Block And How To Deal With It

Quite a few days ago I monitored my externalized stream of thoughts and found a faulty affirmation, that happens to the best of us.

I don´t know where it came from, but I started a sentence with:” It is difficult…”
Wow, that doesn´t stem from my usual way of thinking but I can see all kind of bad consequences arising from this little change. In the worst case an artist-or creative block could happen.

But this made me think of how easy it is to hack our thinking, we catch the words of a dear friend who has probably a depression and through empathy we adapt their way of thinking, but sometimes it is a book, a movie a documentory or something else we´ve consumed.

The only way to overcome that is to externalize the thought process in the same way children and old men do and monitor our thoughts. But even then it took me three or more days to realize the flaw, so what else can we do to keep track of bad affirmations in the future?

At first it is important to understand that our unconsciousness works like a software while our body is the hardware, we have to program our software the right way, this means in the first instance we have to put our syntax right.

When we are clever we can also create a syntax verification that allows us in doubt, to control manually if a sentence is right or not.

This is important to monitor, otherwise the unconsciousness takes everything for granted and we don´t get noticed either.

But how do we monitor if a syntax is correct?

Simple as that, just make every sentence you put to your self (in thought or self-talk) a “why-sentence”.
This is extremely important as it will not work otherwise.

A “why-sentence” forces us to append the word “because” and that makes it easy, because we manually have to answer that, OK?

A thought with the right syntax and a verification sentence could look like the following:

“Ah well, i thought that this might go wrong…, because…wait, why do I thought this will go wrong in the first place?

In the best case you will start to remember where this sentence came from, where you´ve heard it and you can then eliminate it, replacing it with a stronger positive thought to begin with.

You see the rest is just a matter of making it a habit to put things in questions.

And btw. that is the reason I never had an artist block myself.

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The Root Of A Creative Block And How To Deal With It
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