The art of Shadowrun – Fifth Edition and Beyond

High tech, low life.
Now add some magic, elves, trolls, orcs, and dwarves and what do you get?
And here we return to this colorful yet dark world once again. This time, to showcase where the almost thirty years of art has brought us now. Shadowrun Fifth Edition!
We are also going to see what fans and players have come up recently, with a special bonus at the end. So conserve your ammo, Chummer. We are going in hot!
For the art of past edition, check out our first post about this subject!

The Fifth Edition

Gordon Bennetto leads the charge in reimagining the dull colors from the Fourth Edition, while still pushing the dirty chrome look. Colors went from character designs to the background, while characters tend to look on the “tacticool” side.

Boston Lockdown

The very first crossover with the tabletop game, Boston Lockdown was mostly a disappointment (They didn’t even use the same ruleset from the tabletop game they were crossovering!) with that said, the art that came from the project is still pretty damn good.

For a crash course into Shadowrun lore, look no further than the Neo-Anarchist Podcast.

More Shadowrun

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