The Perfection that is Doom – The art of Doom

Doctor Doom. The most iconic Marvel villain.
The Green cape, the metal mask. The cruel justice, the arrogant demeanor.
Doom is a king who puts his people and himself above all. Even if to do so, he is willing to go to some dark places.
For Doom, he is perfection incarnate.
Let us appreciate him, shall we?

The Artlords
Bellow some of Artlords hosted finest Doom’s fanart.

Doctor Doom by Rastislav Le
Doctor Doom by Lionel Cornelius Jr
Caleb Nazen’s Doctor Doom – Click on the images below to expand

The Perfection that is Doom – The original article

In 2015, I’ve ranted about Doom’s ego. Click on the image to read it up!

Doom by Johnny Morrow

The King
Of course, while this whole fan art business is great, Dr. Doom magnanimous and legendary ego was fully realized by its original illustrator – Jack Kirby.
Bellow, some examples of Jack “The King” Kirby awesome Doom art.

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The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

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