What Lesson are you Learning Right Now?

(Originally published on 11/12/2012)

To know what lesson you are learning right now is actually crucial to your learning curve and life in general.

We learn from the cradle to the grave, basically we never stop.

Leonardo Da Vinci on his death-bed:
“I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.”

When you, as a parent, stop your kid from making noise, it is vital to communicate to your child that you just want to listen to something at the moment, not that it has to stop making noise forever.
In this case the child has learned that it can make noise, but also that respecting others will not harm them.
If a kid is confronted with a parent that tells the kid that it is always making noise when parents wnat to do something, no lesson is learned except that the kid remains thinking she is always doing something wrong.

Bad education at its worst.

Later as we grow we are confronted with a number of things to learn and in the process we forget about half of the lessons, because they were either not important enough, not connected with emotional or visual shortcuts. Or we just didn´t notice what we learn. Either way this is bad education too.

Worst thing of all is if you were used to bad education because of parents who made you silent for the wrong reasons.

It is always vital to know WHAT we are learning right now, like navigating through a map. If we can connect the dots and learn with fun and a output, such as a blog post, a painting, a scribble, a letter, whasoever, we have proof about learning. Which makes adjustment easier in the long run.

If we evaluate and have a later look on this proof we “know” what we are learning. The dots shape a picture and allow us to see if we are moving in circles or if we are on a serious path to something bigger.

This is the difficult part, because it requires us to be objective and adjust our path constantly.

What are you learning today?

About the Author Arthur De Martino

The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

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