The Art Of Security: Sirens, Box of Pandora and Trojan Horse

(Originally published on 7/16/2015)

This was an interesting assignment. The company I did these illustrations for, Risk Analytics has the slogan:” The Art Of Security“. Personally I find this a very great take for a data-security venture to use art to illustrate what their business is about. It was challenging and fun too. Advertising is definitely a new route for me, but a welcome change to book cover art for sure.
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The Box Of Pandora is so beautiful, yet so evil at the same time


Some Close-ups:




For these illustrations I made use of many 3d tools such as Sketchup, sculptris and also fractal software such as Mandelbulb3d.



The Trojan Horse illustration sends out armies of invisible soldiers
Some Close-ups:




The final illustrations measure up to 12000 x 7000 px at 300 dpi. Quite a size to work with.


The sirens lure unknowing passersby





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