The Art of Thanos

The Mad Titan has a distinctive look.
He is big, he is purple and he has quite the chin!
In this post, we explore fan art done by artists that uploaded their art to Artlords as well his most unique looks from all over the Marvel Universe.

The Artlords

Than Man by Johnny Morrow
Thanos by Cody Schroder
Thanos by Cody Schroder

These three pieces of fan art were crafted before our favorite Mad Titan became huge in the mainstream perception with Infinity War. Cody Schroder even has the iconic comic book design and is a personal favorite piece. However, there is something interesting about the Thanos character, one that is actually quite rare: Thanos main creator was also, for a time anyway, the main artist that brought Thanos to life.

Jim Starlin’s Thanos

Thanos first appearance

Jim Starlin didn’t create Thanos alone, Mike Friedrich was a co-author of most stories Thanos showed up in the early years. However because we are driven by the visual medium here, let’s explore different eras of Thanos not through the iconic and overall pretty great stories of the “Infinity” saga (Which Starlin doesn’t work in anymore due to some creative differences between Marvel and himself) but through Jim Starlin’s art without filters. Click on the pictures to expand and read more about them.


To view the post about the limited time fundraiser created by Jim Starlin, check out this link.

Now that Infinity War came and went, and with Marvel and Jim Starlin falling out, we might never see him in the character again. It is a good thing though, that his art is as iconic and interesting as it is. No matter the confusion between Marvel and Starlin, his Thanos will forever be part of Pop Culture, all thanks in part to his art writingting prowess.




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