Pentopia takes the stage – An interview with Yong Hui

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The Setting Pitch has finally become a reality! Yong Hui vision of a Fey/Insect/Nature focused tabletop game is almost here. It still needs some help to be properly funded, but thankfully you can get the full artbook on the cheap if you help it leave Kickstarter.
Pentopia is a setting where Elves fuse together with bugs, insects and arachnids (With mechanical effects) so they can protect a massive tree from would be Goblin Conquistadors that use crude technology and shenanigans to take over the forest, and in the mayhem a bunch of giant and mysterious monsters seem to be about.
Check it out here. Currently it has been properly funded, yet you can still save a buck on the Art book/RPG entry here.
That said, stick around and learn from Yong himself what Pentopia is all about (Hint: It’s about bugs in your D&D game)

1. What inspired you to create Pentopia?

Yong: I was inspired by mythology, insects, high fantasy art and most importantly, the biodiversity of the natural world.

Moth Clan, one of the player’s options in the game. Yes, you play as Elf-Insect hybrids in this game!

2. Why a tabletop rpg game setting?

Yong: I wanted to focus on the worldbuilding aspect of Pentopia, and discovered that many of the things I wanted to do with the setting actually fit the realm of tabletop RPGs really well. Tabletop RPG games are also becoming increasingly popular and I recently started learning and playing D&D 5th Edition to help me better understand the mechanics and how they can help me with the creation process.

Cicada Clan, another player option. Notice the wings? Each hybrid gets rules and mechanics based in the insect they are fused with.

3. In your own words, what makes Pentopia different from your average fantasy setting?

Yong: The world is more fey-like and supernatural rather than that of a typical Tolkien-esque setting and the theme of insects and nature influence the design greatly.  
Additionally, I focused on creating monsters with unique abilities and adaptations that come about from their interactions with the ecology of the world itself.

No Tolkien here! Plenty of cool action poses though

4. What can Dungeon Masters and players alike expect from the Pentopia project?

Yong: They can expect a rich, high magic setting with a focus on exploration, the introduction of new mechanics and class options, and of course great art. Exploration is key, and I hope they enjoy playing in the world of Pentopia.

The setting is all about Nature

5. Any advice for fledgling artists out there?

Yong: Look for inspiration from nature, don’t be afraid of experimenting with your art, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Kael the Striker

To nab yourself a copy of Yong Hui’s Insectoid dreams of Dungeons & Dragons, you can pledge it here.

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