The Art of “Will of Iron” – Warhammer 40k

Titan Comics, a small press that often puts out comic books related to TV and Video game properties returns to a science fiction/fantasy universe that has made them a moderate success in the past: Warhammer 40k.

The mix of high fantasy with a dystopian grimdark science fiction gives this setting a unique edge, and it’s on the specifics that Warhammer 40k shines. George Mann (the writer) and Tazio Bettin (the artist) seem to have realized this, or perhaps this came from their editor or Games Workshop itself – Because the art we are about to explore touches several elements of the 40k universe that are unique to them. Space Inquisitors, Knightly and Baroque Space Marines with terrible secrets and the mystical and dangerous games of the Chaos Gods take center stage in this enjoyable romp.

Before we see what Maan and Bettin have in store for us, how about we take a look at the covers for Will of Iron?

Warhammer 40k Will Of Iron 1 by Ørjan Svendsen
Warhammer 40k Will Of Iron 3 by Ørjan Svendsen
Revelations Issue 2

Ørjan Svendsen is an old favorite of mine, and he truly captures the “Dark Angel” aesthetic in these Space Marines depicted here. These covers are a treasure to be cherished. But what about Tazio Bettin’s handiwork? (Click to expand, some spoilers to follow)

Bettin’s composition and warp-inspired landscape/scenes as well the confidence of showcasing the weirder site of the setting in imaginative ways makes this a must for those trying to get into the Warhammer 40k universe. You can buy it on Amazon. This series didn’t perform in an outstanding manner or the like but it surely deserves some recognition and love. Hopefully we get more of this duo soon.

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