Creature & Character Design Portfolio

When it comes to figurative art, there is no way around a good sketch.

Below you find some finished but also rough sketches and anything in between that I did in the last 2-3 years or so. The most current is on top, this page will be updated once in a few months.
Character design should not tell a story per se but give life to a person or creature before it even goes on its adventure. Be it a book, game or animated feature – if your characters are not believable, you´ll start from scratch.

Mummy Concept sheet


Swamp Thing Concept Sheet
Mutant Chronicles – Nepharites Colored


Mutant Chronicles – Nepharites Grayscale


Juggernaut Character test


Mermaid concept drawing (study)


Nyorns Female (Wzór game character art) – final
Lokh Var Male and Female (Wzór game art) – final
Helena the Witch (private commission) – final
Faun girl character sketch sheet (personal project)
Post-apo Gunslinger (private comm.) colored sketch


Human/kaiju transformation sketch rough (private Comm.)
Atha character color sketch (League of Elder) col. sketch
Devil creature sketch (World of Shandahar)
Mane creature sketch (World of Shandahar)
Merzelilith sketch (World of Shandahar)
Sibilant sketch (World of Shandahar)
All creatures / size comparison (World of Shandahar)
Post-apo-punk girl with toy (pers. comm.) rough sketch
Were-angel rough concept sketch (personal)


Mage practicing his craft rough sketch (personal)


Dark faun mage (personal project) final

Mage portrait sketch (personal study)
Science-fashion-study sketch (Personal)
Creature design for Delight Games LLC – final
Greedy business creature (personal study) – final
If you need a character or creature design, get in touch for a noncommittal quote on your project. Thanks for looking.

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