Thor, Korg & Hulk concept art by George Evangelista – Fan Made

Planet Hulk was first published in 2006, around eleven years ago.
The concept, as described by its Author Greg Pak was simple, yet irresistible: “The inspiration for sending Hulk to an alien planet where he’d battle monsters as a gladiator came from Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. I loved the idea from the minute I heard it, so I was blown away when they told me I had the gig and even more blown away when they basically cut me loose to create the whole world. (…) I got inspiration for the story by reading about the real lives of gladiators in ancient Rome and from the stories of figures like Genghis Khan and more contemporary warlords, dictators, and political leaders. Sun Tzu‘s Art of War and Joseph Campbell‘s Power of Myth played a big role in helping me think through other aspects of the story”.
Indeed the “warbound” connection the characters share in that story is something described by said real lives of Roman gladiators, and the imponent, king-like presence Hulk has in the modern classic comic book oozes with Genghis Khan and other fighting conqueror type of characters.

In this post, we will explore the concept art that runs through the classic storyline and it’s animated counter-part.

Welcome. This is the art of “Planet Hulk”.

The Original Comic Book

Interior art

Originally published in 2006 and finishing its arc in 2007, “Planet Hulk” is a story about betrayal, losing all hope, finding a new meaning and purpose in a dire situation and through hardship, friendship and fate, conquering the most far-flung odds. It’s about a God-Monster, who learns that battle can lead to more than just destruction. Hulk’s own blood heals Skaar as his fist demolish his way to freedom. Think Spartacus meets the Bible with Hulk as a protagonist and you are not too far off.


The Animation

2010 saw a direct to dvd animation that adapts the story. It makes it a bit more kid-friendly, and many scenes and concepts are abridged. That said the sharp colors and the cartoon design of the characters are top notch, a great introduction to the story for non-comic book readers or younger superheroes fans. Even fans of the original can rejoice seeing some of the more iconic scenes from the comic recreated here.

You can nab the Planet Hulk animation by clicking on the cover here.

We hope you enjoyed this trip into the memory lane, or perhaps it’s the first time you found about Planet Hulk? We can’t recommend this story enough. Try reading or watching the animation, you are in for a ride.
See you next post!


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The art of “Planet Hulk”
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