Dark Souls – A realm of inspiration showcase

From Software’s masterpiece, the cream of the crop. Sadly, we do not live in the universe were Tenchu is the game I am describing, but we still have the awesome “Souls” series to tide us over. Awesome games, that nail the tone of a dark crawl towards a mysterious yet alluring fantasy world. Its combat is cruel, harsh yet fair. Its artwork is memorable, iconic, yet grime, muddy. Its use of colors and lighting is just perfect, adding just a smudge to the oppressive atmosphere, remind the player that the gruesome places he is navigating once were a place where people thrived.

It’s not surprising at all that such a striking game and setting would inspire artists. In this showcase, we see artwork in which artists claim to be touched by Dark Souls. Let’s see what the Art lords have come with, shall we? Always remember: Click the image to see more information.

The Setting

Inspired by said settings, artists recreated certain places in the games in a freehand manner, inspiration more than just copying it.

Outpost by Edouard Noisette
Mourne by Alex Tornberg
Here Comes The Fire by Edouard Noisette

The Bosses

The painful teachings of when to dodge, when to attack, and when to consider purchasing a stress ball to relax a bit after being overwhelmed. This pain, this fun, brought forth the following pieces:

The Hollow King by Jeff Morris
Dark Souls Cinematic Scene by Felipe Forntiani
Dark Souls King by Andreas Adamek
Dark Souls 3 by Johnathan Chong
Chaser by ahmed rawi

Black and White

The essence, the soul, of the game pierces through this black and white work.

Demon4 by Igor Krstic
Bloodborne Fan Art by Igor Krstic
Demon3 by Igor Krstic
Swordsman by Stefano Scuccimarra
Dark Souls Manikin Mask by Joern Zimmermann

The color that binds

It makes the dark fantasy look more unique as it is haunting.

Heide Knight Dark Souls Fan Art by Kyle van wyk
Dark Souls Fan Art by Kyle van wyk





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Dark Souls – A realm of inspiration showcase
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