Don’t throw your old Art (Soul) away

Art is hard to define, to quantify.
However, artists are almost defined by their drive, desire, and evolution of their craft.
This is why we run Tutorials here, because we wish to see those who dabble in the Digital Arts to ascend to the throne of “Digital Artlord” – or speaking frankly, we want to see artists who follow this website to get better, to keep doing interesting things and evolving as an artist as they should.

Vampire Portrait Sketch by Oliver Wetter – His first art upload.

But we need to talk about your soul.
The old art you delete from the internet, that you consider bad or even not representative of what you can do are important.
They show the world where you were on the road of your craft. What you knew, what was lacking. It helps critics, users, and editors to see how you are improving and promote your older art under different lens and contexts. Digital Art is treated as something ephemeral –  But we disagree. We like to think it should be timeless, you should have to deal with your old pieces because they are part of you, part of what you did.

Rocket Racoon by Carlos Villas circa 1 year ago

And it’s fine to dislike it, to look back and see flaws and what you could do differently – But by deleting it from the internet and hosting websites you are denying new artists who are trying to follow your steps a pathway. They cannot, like you did, study on the mistakes of the past. The drive for excellence is quite alluring, but learn to give value to your pathway. Share your ambitions, problems and troubles so we all can grown together. See your art career as a a climb, not instant teleportation where you are not allowed to post your learning process and old conclusions.

Autumn Lighting Portrait Study by Oliver Wetter – One of his more recent work

Finally, you shouldn’t be worried by what would be contractors think about your old works – More often than not, when they ask for a portfólio you should share with them a target art showcase that matches their current/past projects but that’s information for another post.
Remember: Don’t hide pieces of your soul. We are all flawed, we are all learning. Let’s do it together.

Broken Treaty by Carlos Villas – A recent piece

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The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

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