Digital Art Showcase – First Quarter 2017

Over here at ArtLords, we showcase a multitude of highly skillful digital artists for our readers to enjoy. However, there have been a handful of artists who consistently produce work of the highest standard, becoming staple features in our weekly showcases. We would like to acknowledge those artists here.

Lothuialthel by Ivan Sevic

Serbian artist Ivan Sevic has over 6 years of experience as a character illustrator who has an affinity for the futuristic and the mythological, often intersecting the two as seen above.


Pindurski Ethereal Dissension by Hugh Pindur

Ontario based Hugh Pindur has gained notoriety for his ominous portraits of monsters and fantasy archetypes.

Bath 2077 by klaus wittmann

Klaus Wittman is a Polish illustrator whose vain is realistic concepts with the purposes of film in mind.


She Is My Girl by Oliver Wetter

Besides being a fantastic illustrator and a mainstay here at Artlords, Oliver also gives lectures on digital art as well as making contributions to our blog.


Iron Man Story by zenxys zen

Zensxs Zen from Indonesia has a signature style. He likes to take standout characters from movies and pop culture and reinterpret them, incorporating busy backdrops and vibrant drawings.


Red Lips by Matej Kovacic



Matej Kovacic is a freelance artist from Germany with experience in multiple mediums (advertising, 2D art, animation). He has a diverse portfolio of environments and character portrayals.

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