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Top Ten Favorite Blogs of the year (2016)

In 2016, our blog initiative started. And we reached highs we were not expecting, all things considered, we carved a place for ourselves in the web. Built in the shoulders of the most varied fandom, the following 10 blog posts were the most popular ones. It’s thanks to these that we managed to reach the heights we are in today.

Number 10

Shadowrun Anarchy – Character Portrait Showcase

Deus Ex Machina by Soren Zaragoza

The showcase of colorful characters for the tabletop game “Shadowrun Anarchy” really excited the players of said game. Check it out if want to see cool looking cyborgs mixed with fantasy creatures.

Number 9

New takes on old comic book characters

Venom Concept Sculpt by Mark Molnar

These new interpretations of old comic book characters are in deep look at our favorite redesigns. We are confident you will find at least one to rave on about too.

Number 8

Brainstorm Challenges Artist to Redesign Evangelion

Eva 01 Redesign

Still talking about redesigns, this post was made in early 2016 yet it was quite popular. It seems Evangelion is still a crowd pleaser even after all these years.

Number 7

Weekly Spotlight: September 9th to September 16th

Theory Sucks by Albert Urmanov

Albert Urmanov’s series of fantasy art was one of the highlights of the year and our most viewed weekly spotlight is proof of that. You need to check his work if you haven’t already!

Number 6

Pokemon Sun/Moon – The hype that inspires art

Surfin Alola! by RobotCatArt

A gallery of fanart for the then upcoming “Pokemon Sun and Moon” video games. People were excited for that one!

Number 5

If Pokemon were real

Art by Sergio Palomino

At the start of the year, even before Pokémon Go released, Hunter Baugh decided to showcase the art of Sergio Palomino. It was quite the hit, and i attribute the success to Bulbasaur eyes. I mean look at them:


Number 4

Top Ten Trending Images – August 2016

Star Wars Trench Run by Mark Molnar

August was a pretty big month for us, as you can see for this post a wide variety of styles were posted on the website around that time. This post is what Artlords is all about: Art from around the world, each being special in it’s on unique way.

Number 3

Dungeons & Dragons – Our Favorite Classes

Half Elf Paladin by Ruben Ramos

I still remember that when we posted this article over D&D’s subreddit there were complaints about how “Despite the title, they share artwork for all the classes, not just their favorites”. The reason for that is that we love all classes from D&D!

Number 2

Modern Gods

Our most popular post to date, in this one Jamie McCall start seeing gods everywhere in the website, reimagining the gods into new artwork.

Number 1

Celebrating 30 years of Legend of Zelda 

It was a blast to pick out our favorite bits of The Legend of Zelda art to commemorate the 25 years of the franchise, and the audience responded really well to this. Part of the current wave of blog posts from the “Art of” series had inspiration by this type of post.

And that was our favorite blog posts from 2016. We beyond the half way point for 2017 – More favorites to come soon!

About the Author Arthur De Martino

The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

Top Ten Favorite Blogs of the year (2016)
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