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Artlords is hardly a stranger to the super hero genre.
We had a showcase in super powered ‘power armor‘ heroes.
We saw some cyberpunk/parody inspired a new type of heroes.
We showcased Carlos Dattoli cute fat heroes.
We even had tons of marvel and dc comics galleries.

So what’s new?
Original content, that’s what. In the following post, we will be creating four characters based on four pieces of art that were uploaded to the website. Feel free to do the same! Let your imagination soar.

Elemental Weapon

Quintessence Outburst by Adam Kuczek

Full Name: Joshua DeColt
Codename: Elemental Weapon
Power set: Elemental Manipulation, Elemental Combination
Description: Once a soldier, now a freelancer with a conscience, Joshua DeColt sees himself as a force of nature, a freak. And he wouldn’t be off. With powers to create and manipulate the four elements, he is a one man army, know to appear on the battlefield without warning and wiping out the conflict. Human life doesn’t even phase Joshua anymore, his body, language, and mind has all been weaponized at this point.
Yet there is a lament on his destruction. A tear shed by the fallen as he moves over to the next war. Even if he doesn’t acknowledge his humanity, it is there, somewhere.
Origin story: A Canadian patriot who was offered to be experimented on by a private mercenary company know only as “Freelancer”, Joshua DeColt barely had twenty-five years when he started to move fire with his sheer will. Trained to be the perfect soldier, the experiment was more than just adding powers to a soldier. It was about refining a soldier from a human shell, creating a machine of flesh and energy and point it out to the next mission. And they have apparently succeeded. Joshua is brainwashed, alone and perfect.
Current Where about: In a covert battlefield near you.

Bird of Prey

Owlwoman by Antonio Minuto

Full Name: Tamina Cruz
Codename: The Bird of Prey
Power set: Regular human with a gadget set
Description: A silent whirlwind of violence and justice, The Bird of Prey has shown up in humanitarian crisis, terrorism cases and gang conflict throughout the world, trying to disarm and escalate down the conflict by taking key targets with her array of strange gadgets. The fact she uses a suit to fly and pick of targets is what gave her the nickname from the mainstream media.
Origin story: Tamina was the total package. She had the field experience that the “Freelancer” looked for its minions but she also had a very creative mind and was able to push the research and the development of the Mercenary Company to its limit. She also had a sharp mind for the business of selling wetwork services, so she advanced into leadership roles in the “Freelancer” corporation. When she started to find out about that most conflicts the “Freelancer” company was invovled was fabricated by them in secret and that they ran human experiments, Tamina stole their bleeding edge tech and decided to try to fix the wrongs caused by her own reckless ambition.
Current Where about: Flying from crsiss to crisis.

Inuman, the Flying Masked Dog man

Inuman by Daniele Cruz

Full Name: Hiroaki Nakamura
Codename: Inuman
Power set: Super human optimism, aerial wrestling maneuvers
Description: The happy go lucky Inuman is an internet sensation. His bouts of comedy and vigilantism are both against the law and hilarious. Acquiring a young fanbase, he makes them laugh as he tours Japan, patrolling the city from minor crimes.
Origin story: A salary man that had a dream of being a hero like the tv shows he used to watch on his tv when he was young. One day he found a wrestling lucha masks in the shape of a dog near a trash bin. He wore the Mask, and felt ‘natural’ to him. Soon enough, he quit his day job and started working as a full time streamer, with comedy bits as well actual acts of vigilantism caught on the camera.
Current Where about: Somewhere in Akihabara stuffing his face with cheap food.


Mutant Superman by Federico Ginabreda

Full Name: ???
Codename: Granite
Power set: Impenetrable rock skin, super strength and burrowing ability
Description: A mysterious creature that emerges from the Earth core whenever an Earthquake or another natural disaster occurs, “Granite” protects human life as the destruction rages on.
Origin story: Created as a reflection of Mankind’s domain over Earth, the created named by the media “Granite” for its grey rock skin, the creature exists to serve humans and protect them for the rage within Earth.
Current Where about: In the eye of a hurricane.

About the Author Arthur De Martino

The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

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