You need to be published to get published…

(Originally published 11/27/2009)

Sounds like a trivial phrase but its the truth.
Nothing is more frustrating than doing something with passion and nobody cares about it. 100.000 entries to book competitions like Ballistic´s make the self-confidence not stronger, therefore I’m really glad to be part of this awesome sausage!

And the competition is a big one, in every field, art is just one of the many branches that needs exposure as a basis for discussion and appreciation and for artists to make a living of.

And to break into a market so big like this is a full-time job, believe me.
As the topic of my blog, when I write about art, I seriously talk about that art that everyone instantly understands, even when nowadays this kind of art is not so recognized as such, because of our daily information overload.

Art teachers and professors on many art schools have shaken their head about my approach to fix the gap between “art and design”, I’m thankful for beeing supported in what I tried at the Ibkk.

But back to the publishing thingie: today this colorful and juicy eye candy arrived, and it’s full of inspirational features, some which I knew from CGS, dA, CA and elsewhere, and some pieces that are really new to me.

Concept art or character development/creation describes the series of this books perfectly.
While the approach to justify the title is always guaranteed.

What I learned about beeing in art communities for about 7 years now, is:

  • It’s not about page view quantity, it’s about quality
  • It’s not about how much you do, it’s what you do
  • It’s important to find a niche, don´t do everything

Enough of the art ramblings, here are some pics with commentary why I chose to feature these pics from the book and to give you an insight what this blog is about, here we go:


The guy “Sadhu 2063” from Anthony Scime on the right side is a good example of surprise.
Our eyes are trained to recognize things we know.
The yellow face color and the futuristic cyber-eye-stuff makes this stand out of thousand portraits.


The piece on the left from Nykolai Aleksander is a hit because of the everyday pose, and the oversize target on the background, I’d say the unusual is the key here plus a nice pastel complementary -contrast.
Loic Zimmermann hits on many other levels, first off  I’d say because of the fine structure and mixed media look his illustrations have, on the other hand strikes the composition = top notch!


Alexey Kashpersky hits the nail of composition with a Jackhammer!
This masterpiece on the right is truly out of every rule (at least the ones of gravity) but complementary contrast, magical realism, and perfect detail make this piece for me.


The small piece on the lower left corner is done for Guild Wars by Kekai Kotaki, which made my day, to be honest, this piece is so awesome in every aspect, I cannot point out why maybe I do a topic on this piece alone later.


Last but not least, “Guardian by Bruno Wagner” is an awesome example of using unusual brushes. This guy manages to use one brush to make this piece stand out, besides the pose and dark accessoires this piece lives from the dynamic strokes as the colors are a little flat, but other than that worth the double page feature.










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