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One of the quirks of being an editor here in Artlords is getting to see artists share their idea, aesthetic senses, and characters with the world first hand. Sometimes, they are concepts for products that actually exist, while others try to emulate a style  (and we are referring to Ivan Sevic’s moba inspired illustrations here) that exists on the concept art market already.

But then there’s the weird, the imaginative. Series of characters and settings that you see posted first hand, but that’s all there is to it. It’s just a series of artwork that seem to belong in it’s own world, that share their own visual language but that’s where it ends. It’s like peeking into a window and seeing the creative energy from a particular artist and as you try to track it, it’s out of your sight already.

Let me demonstrate this by showcasing a case study. Meet Lina Porras.
As you can see by her portfolio, Lina is an artist that doesn’t have a clear-cut style, like the one you expect from say, Rastislav Le who has a particular way of drawing characters and most of the art he shares with the world tends to be fantasy character portraits. Rather you see some weapon renders, some typography studies and some realistic portraits. And then you see Space Probe Force (SPF).

It came out of nowhere on the website one day. This artist that was mostly uploading random and very different types of digital art suddenly did an 180 and posted a body of work that shared themes, colors, shapes, and personality. Suddenly, I manage to catch a glimpse at her creative energy in a more direct manner.
And today, you too will catch a similar glimpse. I present to you.

The Space Probe Force.

Spf Space Probe Force by Lina Porras
Spf Space Probe Force by Lina Porras

Notice the effort here. This is just an exercise for Lina Porras, or perhaps she had bigger ambitions for these characters, but this is beyond just some cartoons. Check the logo design, the silhouette and overall character design and the overall mood of the piece. The combination of all these elements shows us the world of this “Space Probe Force”.

We Found It by Lina Porras
Team Hug by Lina Porras
Surfing by Lina Porras

These characters and worlds make each individual entry greater, and more interesting if there was just a one and done thing. You can tell more about the world created in Lina Porras mind, you can better understand the character expressions and their mood.

In conclusion, to all fledgling artists out there. Don’t be afraid of being a bit more ambitious with your studies and concepts. String them together! Make a project out of them. Each piece becomes even better when there is a context connecting them all.

Love Is In The Air by Lina Porras








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