The Mythological Showcase

Back in 2016, we published a post that showcased gods and mythological figures with modern character design. Now, we look at what gods have sparked the creativity within these artists. Welcome to our Mythological Showcase.


Hephaestus by Ivan Sevic

This modern take on Hephaestus does not emphasize the god’s deformity, but instead puts forth a manly and gruff design.


Diana by sabbas apterus

This gold and green depiction of Diana, the greek goddess of the hunt, is just one of the many awesome female portraits Sabbas Apterus is known for.


Ganesha by Kasey May

The elephant like god Ganesha‘s holy wisdom is captured in the gentle colors of Kasey May, a match made in heaven.



This black and white model of the Greek God of war Ares captures the ruin in his wake.


Marzanna by mrsseclipse

I’ll let Mrsseclipse present this goddess to you:
“Mora or Marzanna is a Baltic and Slavic goddess associated with seasonal rites based on the idea of death and rebirth of nature. She is associated with death, winter, and nightmares.”


Lada by mrsseclipse

Lana is the Slavic goddess of hunting, traps, wisdom and marriage. She is also a cutie when draw by Mrsseclipse.


Artemis Golden Skin Smite by Jishnu Nandwana

Jishnu Nadwana created artwork for the game Smite‘s golden skins. This one is Artemis, greek goddess of the hunt.

Athena Golden Skin Smite

Athena Golden Skin Smite by Jishnu Nandwana

Another one of Vishnu Nadwana‘s pieces is this portrait of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, craft, and war.

Demeter And Persephone

Demeter And Persephone by Gemma Jones

Two for one! Demeter, Greek goddess of harvest and culture, and Persephone, harvest goddess and daughter of Zeus, side by side.


Smite Fan Art Loki by Forrest Imel

Forrest Imel put together his interpretation of the devious nordic god, Loki. This design comes from the game Smite.

Kali Smite

Kali Smite by Jishnu Nandwana

Jishnu‘s  gave us this marvelous version of Kali, the Hindu goddess, for the game Smite!


Freya Smite by Jishnu Nandwana

This sexy take on the goddess of love and fertility Freya leaves us speechless. It’s just too much!


Official Smite Zeus Skin by Andy Timm

And we finish this showcase with official Smite artwork from the granddaddy of the greeks, Zeus! Andy Timm, whom I have a shrine of in my room, is one of Smite’s official artists. Make sure check out his profile for even more Gods!


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The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

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