Made this way – The Warforged/Golem gallery

The Warforged are a fantasy race in Dungeons & Dragons. They originally came from Eberron where they were a race of sentient Golems created for war. That war ended, but the Warforged ‘race’ persisted. They are celebrated veterans, but their reason for existence has ceased. As time passed and their popularity raised, they started appearing in different D&D settings, becoming a stand-in for the playable “Golem.” These characters are raised by magic.

Golem inspired creatures make up this latest gallery. There is a wide variety, including robots. Hopefully these can inspire you and your friends to create unique looking Warforged characters for your D&D campaigns. Although all of these have the characteristics of Golems, some lack the signature Warforged appearance. You can take these Golems and substitute the Warforged stats if you need to!

Let us see what the forge brings us today, shall we?

About the Author Arthur De Martino

The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

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