Pentopia – Setting Pitch

The Singaporean Yong Hui Ng created artwork as well as a new take on the Dungeons & Dragons dichotomy. We want know what the audience thinks about Yong Hui’s vision for a more “nature” focused D&D setting, where the “classes” are body mutations players cultivate and use in combat and on their day to day lives. These bodies are all based over on insects, but it’s broad enough to include arachnids. (This piece is a collaboration with Yong Hui Ng and yours truly, Arthur De Martino.)

Commune with the Gods – Acquire your new body

Pentopia is a world where Insect Gods are worshiped and  answer the prayers of the Pentopians with spiritual boons. The connection of the inhabitants of this world with nature is so intense that said devotion to their insect gods gives them supernatural bodies. Society was balanced, peaceful and prosperous, and rapidly expanding. The Tree of Life that held Pentopia was blooming, a flower that moved and grew bigger and bigger.

But it was not to last.

The crafty Goblin society was at odds with the peaceful Pentopians. To them, nature was a resource to be explored, abused, controlled and consumed. They  collected bark from the tree while cursing the heavens for their frail bodies. The sacred Insect Gods provided it’s people with the means they needed to grow as a society. The Goblins hated that the most. Without any regard to the ways of the Pentopian people, they rapidly expanded their sprawling cities, burning forests and blowing mountains in their path of destruction. If citizens of Pentopia were caught dead on the crossfire of this twisted ‘civilization’, all the better for the Goblins.

Will you answer the call for retribution?

If so, embrace the spasms, the fangs, the claws, the exoskeleton forming around your mortal coil. Your body is not your own anymore. You are now one with nature. You are to be a scourge to the Goblins, destroying their machines, devouring their soldiers with your massive maws, stinging their workers with poisonous stings.

Bit by bit, recover the land destroyed by the Goblin’s machines and make Pentopia right again.

The goblinoid empire – Chaotic Machinists

The goblinoid empire has a system divided into castes. The lower the caste, the fewer the freedom and access to luxuries. Considering the quickness the goblinoid reproduce, the lower castes are the more populous ones from the Empire. This also explains their constant use of machines to consume wood, animals, and fauna of the Tree of Life, they need these goods to keep their drone-like society from collapsing. The Goblins on the higher castes have access to luxury items, advanced goblin technology, as well as ancient arcane tomes written by ancient Pentovians who were retrieved in previous excavations around the Tree of Life.

The use of trains is also exclusive to those in a higher caste, the lower you are, the fewer options you have in the Goblin Empire.

While each individual goblin has unique ambitions and desires, the empire is hostile to the Pentopia way of life and their method of extracting resources is a self-destructive behavior that will eventually prove to be the plane’s undoing if not stopped.

What comes next?

The basic setting pitch lays before you.
We want to know what our readers think about the idea of playing Insect based classes with powers, magic and features being inspired by nature itself as well as the idea of facing an imperialistic foe hell-bent in consuming nature, without realizing it’s hurting its own society.

The idea is to grow this concept, perhaps even create a setting book with rules for the expansionist Goblin Empire and the Pentopia Society and their mutant bodies, doing battle for the future of their plane. These rules would all be compatible with D&D 5e of course.


About the Author Arthur De Martino

The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

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