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How-To: Making the Top Ten in 2017

For nearly 2 years we’ve published our popular monthly Top Ten Trending Images award. This monthly award has grown to feature over 150+ incredible digital artists and their breathtaking digital artwork. You can see all of the winning 2016 winners featured in our 2016 announcement post.

On occasion, we’ve been asked by some of our member artists; “How can my image make the Monthly Top Ten?”. Before we answer this question, it’s important to know what it means to “trend”.

What is a “trending” image?


At the start of each month, user activity is dissected and analyzed to identify those images that got the most attention by our users. We look at views, likes, shares, and other user activity to generate a list of the 10 images that trended most over that length of time. This list is then shared with the users and winning artists.

Below are 6 steps you can take, and with some effort and a little bit of luck, find your artwork in our Monthly Top Ten Trending Images post.

1 – Share your image link on Facebook and Twitter


While it may seem a bit obvious or even small in scope, the first step for traction for any image is to share the image link on your social media timeline. When you notify your family, friends, and fans that you’ve uploaded new artwork to your ArtLords portfolio, you’ll immediately start seeing an increase in views and likes.

You can take this a step further by sharing your image link with the Facebook circles and groups that you take part in. Just remember to share the image link that you uploaded, not the image file.

2 – Update your website


Believe it or not, when someone discovers a great piece of art, they immediately start searching for the artist. Once they find you, they’re going to want to see more. It’s a lot easier for them if you link to your ArtLords portfolio from your website and other portfolio sites.

Remember that the web is just a series of pages connected by links. The more pages your links appear on, the easier it becomes for people to find you. Remember to share your links whenever you get the opportunity. You never know where a link will go viral.

3 – Get pinned on Pinterest


Pinterest is a great place to share your image link. Pinterest is full of active users searching for great artwork and inspiration. Pinterest doesn’t require as much effort as Reddit and Imgur but can generate similar activity to your image links.

Before posting on Pinterest, take some time to think about your boards. Posting to boards that have well thought out categories, tags, and descriptions is the best way to have your images pinned to other boards.

4 – Reddit and Reddiquette


Reddit is a massive online link sharing website with very active and popular communities. Reddit communities cover every topic imaginable including gaming, comics, and of course, art! For instance, the Imaginary line of subreddits are always populated by art enthusiasts who love to discover new art by up-and-coming artists.

Before you dive into Reddit, though. Keep in mind that Reddit is not just a place for you to dump your links. Reddit is a highly moderated community (sometimes to a fault). To stay on the right side of the moderators you must obey community rules, become active by interacting with other community members, and stick around a while before you share your own content.

Although Reddit requires some effort, and strict adherence to community rules, it is very much worth it in the long run. Reddit has crippled ArtLords at least a couple of times with the amount of traffic we’ve seen generated from some posts.

5 – Get familiar with Imgur


Imgur is a community focused on well, images! It’s a very big, very large, very massive community of all sorts of people. Yes, most of them are either posting or searching for cat memes (I mean honestly, can you blame them?), but alongside the cat memes, the community is all about new discovering great new art by up-and-coming artists.

When posting to Imgur you’ll upload your image directly to their servers, but remember to link to the image on ArtLords. You can do this by adding a description of the image, your process, or simply what inspired the painting and including the link at the end of your description.

6 – Get Featured in our weekly spotlight

Each week we feature our favorite images uploaded by our member artists in our Weekly Spotlight. Getting featured in the weekly spotlight isn’t necessarily straightforward or easy, but if you’re selected it does generate a lot of attention for your image.

Although making it into our Weekly Spotlight’s not easy, it becomes infinitely easier if you upload new work on a regular basis. We review new uploads every week so if you upload new artwork regularly, your work will be reviewed regularly as well. If selected, you’ll appear in our weekly newsletter as well as our weekly spotlight blog post.

Not only will the above list help you make it into our the Monthly Top Ten, it will also help you better establish an online presence as well as growing your fan base!

About the Author Reneldy Senat

Founder of Digital ArtLords

How-To: Making the Top Ten in 2017
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