Action Packed Artworks vol.2

We received tons of love and views for the Vol 1 of Action Packed Artwork (which you can check here) and so we made sure to expand the concept with a second volume! This second gallery is a showcase of those pieces that make us wish to see what happens next. They’re intense,  fierce, and action packed! Grab tight, because this time we are revisiting the concept, stronger, faster and bigger than ever!


Hunt For The Fallen by Rastislav Le

A confrontation between an angelic force and a demonic entity! In this Rastislav piece, the angel-like being is ready to dive into battle.

Feel My Wrath by Rastislav Le

That undead minion felt his wrath! A piece in the similar style of the first, both by Rastislav.

Epic by Igor Braulio

A creature rider, grasps his chains, trying to change course and cautch the swordswoman, who nimbly dodges his creature. Intense.

Escape From Hyperion by Edouard Noisette

Amidst a laser barrage, the ship tries to escape.

Crossing The T by Eric Gonzales

Canon fire cuts the escape route for this ship!

Nova Vs Wallace by Tiago Silvério

In this Tiago Silvério piece, we see a more direct approach to ship combat – Boarding!

Colliseum Battle by Luciano Fleitas

Enchanted Gauntlet vs. A Really Big Axe! Who is coming out on top?

5d Invasion by Nikolay Lobzov


The aliens are coming! Run for your life!

November Reward Promotional 02starfox by Sergio Palomino


The poses for the Star Fox’s characters for this one seems to be inspired by the “Super Smash Bros.” series.

Jupiter Ascending 01 by Maciej Kuciara

Say what you will about Jupiter Ascending, this official concept artwork by Kuciara puts you right into the action.

Mega War by Nikolay Lobzov

The Console War, realized in digital art. Xbox One advances towards Sony’s HQ.

Man From Armadon by Art Of Asher

Welcome to Armadon, home of high-speed chases and laser beams.

A Tough One by LoperaCano

The killing machine scans the area, the runner clenches her right fist. Hell is about to start.

About the Author Arthur De Martino

The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

Action Packed Artworks vol.2
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