Here comes the cute!

Vulnerable, baby-like eyes.
You wish to hug it!
You wish to take it home!
It’s the cutest artwork we found on the website. Come say “Aww” with us!
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Viking Sloth by Gabriel Ramos

We start with a Sloth ready to embark in an adventure!
Here’s what the artist had to say about this piece:
“I really wanted to paint a sloth, but I also wanted to study some metallic materials, so I did both! I don’t know if I want to make it a series of animals in Medieval-ware, or a series of medieval sloths!”

Lazy Love by Santiago Betancur

While these Sloths are not vikings, they too cute to not deserve an adventure on them on! But then again, they are probably too lazy to dress up.

Hedgehog Study by Catherine Steuer

Keeping the unusual mammals common, here’s an adorable Hedgehog. There is a popular game that uses it as a mascot, yet Catherine’s take is even more adorable!

Love Squirrel by Angela Wong Yieng Ling

While we move in the realm of more common animals, Ling’s Love Squirrel looks colorful and strange. But cute! Still so cute. The light blue marking on it’s forehead gives a mysterious, even mystical air to it.

Professor Elbert Elephant by Even Mehl Amundsen

Not all cuteness comes on baby-like features, as demonstrated here bt Even Mehl. Professor Elbert here manages to come out sophisticated, yet kinda cute.

Gummi Bears Zummi by Jens Fiedler

This bearded, mage bear looks imposing, wise and… Pink! Adorable! I want him to save me from a very tall castle.

Laika by J.R. Barker

Who’s a good space mercenary? Laika is! Cute and deadly, it’s a dog with a laser canon on it’s back! I’m really glad I’m not the mail man right now.

Polarbear by Fernando Issamo

Vulnerable. Sad. All alone. And yet, probably the most beautiful, cutest little thing in this entire post. I wish to proect this cub.

Awkward Black Bear by mauriziogiorgio

“He has a boyish build. His wardrobe is risque.” – Indeed, Maurizio! A bear who isn’t afraid to show how manly or how naked he is!

The Pairing by Gary Laib

Gary Laib’s owls are always a sight to see, the furs, the expressions, the realism meeting fantasy. Here, we see a gnome-like creature befriending a giant baby owl.

Photobomb by Gary Laib

And in this one we see an older owl with an older partner. Is there a secret society of cute, giant owls and their gnome slaves? Is Laib trying to warn us about a secret cabal of over lords who run the economy in the shadows? Or perhaps is just a cute theme? Yeah it’s just a cute theme.

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The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

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