Pokemon Go, the inspiration

Pokemon Go has rekindled the love for digital monsters that lied dormant on the general population.
This new fire fueled by nostalgia and passion has moved some artists to create something cool, new and inspired by Pokemon Go mania!

Ash And Charizard by Asher Ben Alpay

Asher Ben Alpay here shows that when he played back in the day, he probably taught his Charizard the “Fly” move.

In the eyes of the Player by Francisco (Drizzz)

Francisco here had Charizard in his mind, and with his project, he showcases that pokemon through his eyes.

Pokémon Fanart by Dane Cozens
Pokemon fanart by Dane Cozens
Pokemon go fanart by Dane Cozens

These three images, representing the three classic Pokemon starters try to pull them to our world, showing a fated encounter between us and then. Notice how Dane Cozens changes their design to resemble beasts in a more realistic manner.

Pokemon Go – Who side are you on? by HachimitsuInk

Statues and more work applied to the clean and simple logos for the teams. These look trophies or even statues to those who choose to follow a particular path.

Pokemon go fanart by WLOP

Gyarados might as well look this scary when you find one in Pokemon Go, considering they just keep escaping my Pokeballs all day long! WLOP here caught the intensity of this hunt with a sharp new design.

Pokemon Go by ElinTan

The gang marches on, from Red to Go. 20 years in the making!

Pokemon Go Fanart. Team Instinct by @Savescreen

Through the parting clouds, a legend flies yet again.

Gyarados fanart by Enigmasystem

Yet another redesign for Gyarados, they look all so scary and awesome I could stare atthem all day!

Untitled by Celes

An impressionist panting of Onyx and Vigor’s team leader by Celes, who also did two others for the other two leaders.

Blanche fanart by AvimHarZ

A more realistic, fierce Blanche ready to battle!

Untitled by Seitero

Seitero’s take on the team leader is full of color and energy. They are dabbin’ over here.

And with that, we close the book (momentarily) on Pokemon Go. But don’t go just yet! Hunter did a small article about Pokemon way back in February that is right up on your alley. And finally


Rowlett #wip by Sarah M. Wall

Rowlett is too cute for me not to put it now. Pokemon Sun/Moon comes in November, so keep the hype from Pokemon Go going just for one more month!

About the Author Arthur De Martino

The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

Pokemon Go, the inspiration
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