Doofpool – The Making Of

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‘Doof Pool’ is the newest print from Andy Timm!
And while it’s awesome and whatever excuse we got to showcase Mad Max and/or Deadpool is a good one, we wish to explore a bit what was happening behind Andy’s process of making the piece.

Andy shared on Imgur his own process, while we have our own analysis below. Onto the making off!

“I came up with this idea randomly after seeing this jpeg from Mad Max fury road so much, I thought what if that red doof guy was deadpool?”
A bit weird that Andy here had this fixation with Deadpool, seeing it anywhere. Then again the Doof Guitar Warrior guy did look kinda weird, almost “Deadpool” like weird.

Next step on Andy’s process was all about working the background, he takes the most import shapes directly from the picture and traces over it. Since it’s a direct parody, this is a quick and accurate way of recreating the scene.

Notice how the detials of the background (the speakers) aren’t a 1 to 1 recreation of the original. Timm draw his own version for each one of then, perhaps in a way to make them “belong” more in a 2d digital painting. Notice as well that it’s from here that he gives better shapes to the vehicles in the background as working over Deadpool textures and lighting.

The details come in and Deadpool just comes alive! The rainbow pullovers are a nice touch.

Get the final Print here!

The final version has some lighting correction and a “Chimichanga” plate for the car, a nice touch. Bet you didn’t notice it before!

And there you go!
If you want this as a print for your room, check it out here!

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