Gladiator Artwork Parade

A gladiator (Latin: gladiator, “swordsman”, from gladius, “sword”) was an armed combatant who entertained audiences in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire in violent confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals

Admit it, life is short, eternity is long. Very long. And glory is eternal.

The job of a Gladiator is to step into the ring and put life and limb on the line simply for your entertainment. These most lethal encounters usually end in death, but the ones whom survive live eternally in our hearts and minds. We’ve amassed an amazing consortium of artists to bring you the excitement of the Gladiators.

Welcome to the Gladiator Artwork Parade!

Drgnv Fight by Edgar Stepanov
Drgnv Fight by Edgar Stepanov

Not stalling for a moment, we begin with Drgnv (try pronouncing that!), a piece that delivers perhaps one of the most exiting scenes in our collection! This intense match between our long-haired gladiator and her menacing foe leads off our parade.


Gladiator by conorburke
Gladiator by conorburke

Next we have Gladiator by Conor Burke. In this dynamic piece the serrated Wrath of the golden fish head dares you to stand against him in the ring. You’d have to be crazy to go against this one.


Shieldmaster by forrestimel
Shieldmaster by forrestimel

Some gladiators come in small packages, as in this menacing shield master by Forrest Imel.


Red Sonja by artmage
Red Sonja by artmage

All of the smartest warriors seem to carry heavy defensive shields, and Red Sonja is no different. We don’t know much about the Red Sonja character or if she’s even a gladiator. But she blows past or badass heroin test.


Victory by Timothy Kong
Victory by Timothy Kong

The glamour of victory is captured here in this triumphant pose by the victor. For this gladiator, dead men make the best  footrests.


Orc Samurai by atar87
Orc Samurai by atar87

Blood! Carnage! The roaring cheer of an audience can be heard among the deadly remains. This victor will NOT smile for the camera’s.


Heide Knight dark souls fan art by protagonist
Heide Knight dark souls fan art by protagonist

Not every challenger goes down so easily. This armored foe laughs his way into your nightmares even after he’s been impaled in the face, head and neck. Face it, if you win this fight you deserve the honor and the glory!


Pincer by Giby Joseph
Pincer by Giby Joseph

The elegance of his toes, the wild of his hair, the lethality of his pincer, they all converge to make a truly heroic Gladiator.


Female Gladiator by Giby Joseph
Female Gladiator by Giby Joseph

Calm defiance is her hallmark. She knows she is better than the others. With her armor, shield, swords and spears victory is always within reach.


Her fathers mantle by gary_laib
Her fathers mantle by gary_laib

She watched as her father died, never understanding why the colosseum erupted in cheers and celebration. Since that day and every day after she’s put on her fathers armor in hopes she can reclaim his honor in the arena. Finally, now it fits, and she’s ready. Ready to accept cheers of her own.


Maibus by thatsummersguy
Maibus by thatsummersguy

This gladiator has never fought in a “classic” arena. Her colosseum is the lava pits of the underworld where only fallen Gods compete. Knowing that a victory here will send her back to the world of the living, this challenger is perhaps the last one you’ll ever see.

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