[Prints] And the winners are…

Recently we conducted a survey to understand how our newsletters were doing. Dozens of you took the survey and provided us meaningful feedback that’s been responsible for many of the positive changes we’ve already made. As a thank you, everyone that completed the survey was entered into a drawing to receive 1 of 2 cool prints from our growing Prints collection.

Before we reveal the winners, let’s take a look at the Prints!

Captain Falcon by Gabriel Ramos
Captain Falcon by Gabriel Ramos

Captain Falcon was one of the characters in Nintendo’s F-Zero series. He’s been the poster child of the F-Zero franchise as well as representing the F-Zero franchise in each entry of the Super Smash Bros. series. This fan art piece illustrated by Gabriel Ramos captures Captain Falcon in all of his magical glory!


Deadpool FTW by Andy Timm
Deadpool FTW by Andy Timm

Deadpool, the wise-cracking anti-hero, was the lead in Marvels 2016 runaway hit movie of the same name. Artist Andy Timm captures Deadpool, (Wade Wilson) perfectly as he exploits his super powers (the guy simply can’t die fast enough before he’s restored by his accelerated healing factor).

And the winners are…



Jeremy D.

New York, NY


Micaela D.



Thanks again for everyone who took the time to provide us the feedback we need to improve. Jeremy, Micaela, you’re Prints are on their way!

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Founder of Digital ArtLords

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