Street Fighter – Here comes a new challenger!

Hey hey Street Fighter! Keep on fightin’ to make the future brighter!

The world phenomenon Street Fighter shrugs off the bad (and somewhat justified) reviews by adding more contents and features to the fifth installment of the main series (if we add the Alpha series and count the revisions it wouldn’t be just the fifth game on the series!) and in honor to Capcom trying to make Street Fighter V better, we separated our favorite pieces posted right here, on Artlords! Here they are:

Number 5 –

Guile Sonic Boom by Callen Desmond

Guile Sonic Boom by Callen Desmond

DJ Guile here got some sick nasty Sonic beats! A staple to Artlords, this was one of the first pictures that this editor saw in the website so it has a special place in my heart. Well that and it’s freaking awesome lightning and skin textures will make you go ‘Boom’.

Number 4 –

Notion Sagat by Alex Figini

The Emperor of Muay Thai doesn’t seem particular happy here, but then again that scar is a grim reminder of his purpose.

Number 3 –

November Reward Ryu Promotional by Sergio Palomino

November Reward Ryu Promotional by Sergio Palomino

Palomino’s Patreon rewards are a joy for every Street Fighter fan out there, check his crossovers when you got the chance.

Number 2 –

Akuma by Gabriel Ramos

Akuma by Gabriel Ramos

Satsu no Hadou up in here! Ramos captures the evil intent within Akuma.

Number 1 –

Cammy by Oliver Wetter

Cammy by Oliver Wetter

Wetter says he had tons of fun making this piece, and it shows! Cammy’s expression to the texture of the pain on her legs makes this piece breath taking, in particular when you realize just how similar this artwork is to her current redesign in Street Fighter V.

Bonus Round –

Fat Heroes Streetfighter by Carlos Dattoli

Fat Heroes Streetfighter by Carlos Dattoli

Sakura’s Stage just got some heavyweight visitors! That’s enough Street Fightin’ for a post. Catch you on the next!




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Street Fighter – Here comes a new challenger!
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