Big Bad Fantasy Villains

Welcome, dear reader to the Big Bad Fantasy Villains post. Here we unearth the evil that lurks inside the minds of these talented artists and showcase them for the world to see.

Siren by Federico Ginabreda

Siren by Federico Ginabreda

Siren here exhales power, magnanimity. But no evil.  No villainy. However, that air of sophistication could be the face of a sub aquatic tyrant. Either way, this is a incredible piece and interpretation of the Siren and mermaid archetype who were originally mythological monsters.

Lizard by Max Durán

Lizard by Max Durán

That hunched back. That devilish look. That artifact of power in it’s grasp. Sure, we imagined the Lizard man here as a hero before. but that expression of contempt and the body language is just too deliciously evil. An evil lizard wizard! It even rhymes.

Spanish Wolf Killer by Álvaro Nebot

Spanish Wolf Killer by Álvaro Nebot

The figure of the wolf man was always one that habituated a place of both light and darkness. A good man or woman is cursed with the werewolf burden, and whenever a full moon comes they become frenzied killers. In this piece by Álvaro, we see a pack of these frenzied killers, stalking a forest. A savage evil that corrupts good people.

Abomination Knight by Jens Fiedler

Abomination Knight by Jens Fiedler

A heroic knight, gone and possesed by an alien abomination with many shapes and many angles. The triumph of the unknown over the hopes of heroism. The way the Knight is posing make this fact seem like a routine, as if it’s no big deal that the bizarre abomination is now controlling the carcass of the hero.

Boar Creature by Joern Zimmermann

Boar Creature by Joern Zimmermann

Deformed muscles and some droll makes this boar one that is hungry and ready to gore you for your sweet, sweet meat.

Storm Battle by Marco Zeek Ribeiro

Storm Battle by Marco Zeek Ribeiro

A giant monster facing an adventuring party. A brutal, simple and effective battle of good vs. evil.

Hades by Jishnu Nandwana

Hades by Jishnu Nandwana

The Smite character Hades was a evil-looking interpretation of the Greek god ‘Hades’. Jishnu captures the swirling pool of blood and terror that is Smite’s Hades.

Gargo by Luciano Fleitas

Gargo by Luciano Fleitas

Gargo here is a big, muscular demon-like being who laughs at the face of danger. A daring rogue, a charming abomination.

Wood Force by Sergey Ushkov

Wood Force by Sergey Ushkov

An entire force of angry old men trying to get you out of their yard. Truly an unspoken horror.

The Lich by Markus Stadlober

The Lich by Markus Stadlober

The female Lich is such a cool design, we even tried imagining a hero figure using this mantle. But don’t be fooled, that throne, those skulls. This Lich Queen means business – Evil business!


The Guard by Tiago Silvério

The Guard by Tiago Silvério

The scary part isn’t the size of the guard, but who he is guarding. A mysterious figure that can manipulate the titans themselves.

Greed by Rastislav Le

Greed by Rastislav Le

Beautiful, classy and filthy rich. The avatar of greed is the fantasy equivalent of the rich, disfranchised family that runs the show behind the curtain of the world.

Summoning Bone Guys by Forrest Imel

Summoning Bone Guys by Forrest Imel

An elf, perhaps a drow, summoning his army composed of your dead relatives to do his terrible bidding.

Primeval Dark Demogorgon by Ruan Jia

Primeval Dark Demogorgon by Ruan Jia

This is an evolution of the big, sword wielding demon.  This here is a king. A bored king, a demon monarch that sits on top of it all. His beauty is pure human excess, his armor is elegant and sleek and his horns serve no purpose. He already won.

And you, dear reader? Which evil is supreme? Let us know in the comments below!

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The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Arthur De Martino, a quiet Brazilian man who loves Digital Art a bit too much.

Big Bad Fantasy Villains
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