Five incredible Male Fantasy portraits!

Spice up your Dungeons & Dragons campaign with these 5 gorgeous portraits, dying to be molded by you into your own characters! Don’t forget to take a peek over our favorite female portraits too!

Number 5 –

Dwarf Champion by Rastislav Le

Dwarf Champion by Rastislav Le

Proud user of a big hammer, this Dwarf Champion is the quintessential adventuring Dwarf. Never played a dwarf before? Now is your chance to do so in style!

Number 4 –

Smash Gaizka Battleaxe Bearer by Ruan Jia

Smash Gaizka Battleaxe Bearer by Ruan Jia

The quintessential warrior, this piece from Ruan Jia is brutal rendering of a big, muscular knight. It has a nice ‘evil’ touch with the horns and skull, but can easily pass as an adventurer fighter or barbarian.

Number 3 –

Exile Elves Of The Sapless Swamp by IHOR PASTERNAK

Exile Elves Of The Sapless Swamp by IHOR PASTERNAK

When you think elves, you think grace, beauty, and sophistication. But what’s stopping an elven character to be a guerrilla warrior, a dirty rogue, a fellow down on his luck with some steel on his hand? This piece is the dirty, rogue Elf we all have in us.

Number 2 –

Incect Knight by Max Durán

Incect Knight by Max Durán

Who needs armor when your body is the armor?! Elves, Orcs and Dwarves are all staples, but why not try a different take on your fantasy games? We got inspired by this image to create our own world of strange adventurers.

Number 1 –

Shiny Knight by Thomas Moor

Shiny Knight by Thomas Moor

The squared jaw, the goofy look, the bad ass armor. This piece is screaming “Adventurer” on top of it’s lungs.The over complicated armor, the long hair all contrasting with the look of a man who maybe dumped it’s “intelligence” stat so it could hit things harder is the look a fighter or a paladin should be sporting.

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