7 Fantastic Videogame pieces

Videogames have started a renaissance in illustration, orchestration, scriptwriting, and voiceover work. Here’s some of the fantastic pieces of art you can find covering some of the best games to ever come out.

Extended Cut Mattes – 2 by Alex Figini

Extended Cut Mattes - 2 by Alex Figini

Figini has a whole series of beautiful shots from Mass Effect 3, you can check them out here.

This one could be subtitled “Maybe we shouldn’t have cured the genophage…”

Cortana by Olivier_p.g

Cortana by Olivier_p.g

Cortana is probably one of the best characters in all of scifi gaming history. Her development from a snarky friend to a deep and beloved ally is incredible. If you’ve not played through the stories of Halo 1-4, you must. Olivier’s rendition of Cortana captures the vulnerability that we saw her and Chief grow into as the series progressed.

Megaman by Edgy Scrawl

Megaman by Edgy Scrawl

Megaman is the bomb. Edgy is the bomb. So naturally, this megaman piece is brilliant.

Luigi by Lionel Cornelius Jr

Luigi by Lionel Cornelius Jr

The shy brother has never looked more, well, bad ass. Luigi looks like he’d be more likely to stomp a face on a curb than a Goomba on a block. Lionel sure knows how to make an impression.

Touch of God Woman by Daniel Sian

Touch of God Woman by Daniel SianThis is probably the most accurate single-image representation of the Sims game.

Link by Kashuse Nuage

Link by Kashuse Nuage

Oh man. Can we please have an adult link with armor? That’d be incredible. Kashuse’s got us wanted a sequel to Twilight Princess even more than we already did. That Hyrule Warriors inspired scarf is pretty cool too!

18 stylish Mario by Edgy Scrawl

18 stylish Mario by edgy Scrawl

Mr. Scrawl returns to this showcase with a stylish take on the world famous pumbler: Mario. If Luigi looks kick ass on Lionel’s piece, this Mario just looks sleek and cool. Even the “M” on his forehead has a stylish font. Dressed to kill koopas indeed!

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