Awesome race-bending character redesigns

We here at Art Lords love diversity. In art, in people, in subject matter, you name it. Here’s two fantastic race-bending character concepts, and a little bit of why we think they’re awesome.

Hermione by Coni Schedia

Hermione by Coni Schedia

Coni Schedia is from Chile, which is awesome. She did a racebend piece on Hermione, which is awesome.

The Harry Potter series is pretty damn white for having so many characters. It’d be nice to see a bit more color in Hogwarts, especially since Britain is fairly diverse so it would make sense.

Coni Shedia has several other redesigns on her profile, some take these characters to completely new directions like this piece “White” – a re-imagining of the character Snow White.

White by Coni Schedia

Trill Robin by Lionel Cornelius Jr

Trill Robin by Lionel Cornelius Jr

Jason Todd, an inner city youth living in Gotham’s grittier areas, gets a fantastic new look in this piece by Lionel. While he doesn’t outright say this is Jason Todd, this doesn’t exactly scream Tim Drake or Dick Grayson. Not only that, but this would further highlight Batman’s savior complex, including a race element that comics have traditionally tended to shy away from.

Just imagine Bruce Wayne, white billionaire, adopting a young black kid who by all indications is a stereotype that Gotham’s upper elite can scoff at. This, coupled with the tension of Wayne’s hypocrisy and his enticing Todd into dangerous crime fighting in a bright suit, would really drive the eventual conflict between Todd and Bruce when he is murdered by the Joker and then brought back to life as a sometimes-enemy sometimes-ally in the Red Hood.


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