Badass, well-dressed, women in illustration

It is no secret that illustration has always been a bit…well…impractical when it comes to female clothing.

But there’s been a surge of well…practical clothing in art recently (There’s even a subreddit for it). Here are ten picks of fantastic, practically dressed women from the Art Lords community.

  1. The Magic Words by Laura Bermudez

The Magic Words by Laura Bermúdez


Not only is our heroine dressed the way any modern, confident woman would be, she’s reading. You go woman-reading-in-the-forest. You go.


  1. Kara by Federica Porpora Anastasio

Kara by Federica Porpora Anastasio


This illustrations demonstrates the fantastic characterization that can be portrayed in just one shot. Kara’s expression, highly contrasted by the bright lights which form most of the background in this piece, shows a complex irritation mixed with a bit of sorrow. Her choker and artfully done hairstyle further accentuates the uniqueness of her character.


  1. A quiet moment by Jeremy Deveraturda

A Quiet Moment by Jeremy Deveraturda


It isn’t often that a title encapsulates the feeling of a piece as well as this one. A quiet moment feels like just that, a bright-eyed woman in what looks to be futuristic combat armor taking a moment to appreciate some florescent butterflies.


  1. Crow by Stefano Scuccimarra

Crow by Stefano Scuccimarra


I don’t know if this piece is a direct reference to 1983’s “The Crow,” but either way, I’m freaked out.


  1. Turkish Delight by Nikola Yordanov

Turkish Delight by Nikola Yordanov


God. What? This. Is. How? Man.




  1. Sail into the Black by Davide Di Donna


Bad. Ass.


The expression on her face is staggering. The intensity, the hose, the hawk. Damn.


  1. Light Study by Federica Porpora Anastasio

Light Study by Federica Porpora Anastasio

Federica has made this list twice, because she is just that good. I’ve always been moved by clothing in art, when it gives every indication of being actually worn and affected by gravity in the image.


  1. A Sprig of Hyssop by Davide Di Donna

A Sprig Of Hyssop by Davide Di Donna


And another double contender, Di Donna’s “A Sprig of Hyssop” looks like a cross between Amelia Earhart and Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.


  1. White Dress by Thomas Bignon

White Dress by Thomas Bignon

Portraiture is a lost art, but Thomas Bignon offers an intimate look at an unnamed bride waiting on something. She looks radiant, but something about her facial expression makes us wonder if something else is going on, some hidden insecurity.


1.Warrior Chick by Marek Mazur

Warrior Chick by Marek Mazur

We’ve now reached critical mass in badassery. Not only does a full mech count as well-dressed, she has a freaking long-sword gundam style.


Congrats Marek Mazur, you’re number one.


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