If Pokemon were real

If you’ve ever played a Pokemon game, you’ve probably caught yourself wondering what it would be like if Pokemon were real.

It would probably be pretty illegal. #AnimalCruelty

Legality aside, Sergio Palomino recently did a series of pieces on some of the more well known Pokemon. Let’s check out the starter pokemon from Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green.


#001 Bulbasaur

The original original gangster, Bulbasaur is the first pokemon listed in the Pokedex. I’ve never imagined Bulby as a frog, but Sergio did. And it is blowing my goddamn mind.

pokemon project 001 bulbasaur bylo0bo0 by sergiopal

Those eyes.




#007 Squirtle

Looking at Squirtle’s number now, I’m ashamed I never nicknamed my squirtle “Bond, James” when I played through Blue.

pokemon project 007 squirtle bylo0bo0 by sergiopal

I’m mostly down with this turtley depiction of what was always a weirdly peppy turtle, but this makes me realize how weird turtle tails are.

#004 Charmander

It is hard to imagine what fire-dragon-of-death this little guy or gal is going to evolve into.

pokemon project 004 charmander bylo0bo0 by sergiopal


Check out the rest of the Pokemon series by Sergio Palomino here.

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