Community Top 5: League of Legends

Most of the Art Lords team spends our spare time pushing mid, so when we see League of Legends pieces show up on ArtLords, we get a happy feeling in our soul. Here are 5 of our favorites.

5. Sun And Moon by Yong Hui Ng
sun and moon by cglas

Yong Hui Ng says the impetus for this piece was the idea of a massive conflict between Leona and Diana, where they embody the sun and moon. We love it.

4. Headhunter Nidalee by Casper Hansen 
headhunter nidalee by zarory

Headhunter Nidalee has always been a badass, but Casper Hansen’s rendition solidifies just how badass she is.

3. Wukong by Edgy Scrawl

league of legends wukong by edgy

Do you want League of Legends manga? We want League of Legends manga. Edgy Scrawl’s got some great stuff in the works, check out his profile here.

2. Rengar Fanart by Álvaro Nebot

league of legends rengar fanart by blewzen

Rengar looks like he’s about to run me through, but steampunk is badass enough I might just let him.

1. Jinx Harlequin by alexdigitaldrawer

league of legends- jinx -harlequin by alexdigitaldrawer
Now, everyone loves Jinx most of the time. But, like, Harley Quinn + Jinx? That facial expression is both alluring and horrifying. If any of the Powers that Be at League see this, please, please make this skin a thing. Congrats Alexdigitaldrawer for making the top of our League of Legends picks!


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