Announcing the Digital ArtLords Features Council

Reaching across the film, comics, gaming and multimedia industries, Digital ArtLords has distinguished itself as the leading destination for the highest quality digital art by the most renowned artist in the digital arts space. With our signature front-page features, ArtLords has put the spotlight on over 500 of the industries most talented Digital Artists from across the globe.

Today marks a new chapter for us with the formation of the Digital ArtLords Features Council. This council is a consortium of top industry pros with the goal of identifying new and deserving artists for a brand new expanded feature launching later this month. While we intend on continuing our signature high profile, front-page features, this new expanded feature will dive deeper with the goal of elevating the artist and their works. In addition to the new expanded feature, the council will identify a young deserving upstart artist for a new monthly feature titled ‘Rookie of the Month’.

“I remember how hard it was too break into the industry. Anything we can do to give back would be great”

– Gary Laib, Founding Member, Digital ArtLords Features Council


Sitting on the council is a group of well-known professional digital artist from around the world:

Mark Molnar is a well-known Digital Artist working in the entertainment industry.  Mark, through Pixoloid Studios, is currently developing projects for international game, film and animation companies. His previous clients include LucasFilm Ltd., Time Warner, Universal, MGM, Weta Workshop, Ternion Pictures and more.

star wars trench run by mark_molnar
Star Wars Trench Run

Gary Laib, is an illustrator, concept artist, and art director currently working at NC Soft’s Iron Tiger Studios in San Mateo, CA. Gary recently won the creature category of Weta’s Treasures of Middle-Earth design contest, in addition has over a decade of experience working in the professional art industry in casual games, movies, graphic novels, book illustrations and more.

royal guard by gary_laib
Royal Guard

Andy Timm, is a concept artist working at Hi-Rez Studios for the popular MOBA game Smite. In addition to working on this high-profile project, Andy has illustrated and designed over 30 character cards for Changyou’s: Rise of Mythos, as well as concept art for Applibot, Paizo Pathfinder, Chaosium and more.

a new link to the past by ptimm
A New Link To The Past

Reneldy Senat, Founder of Digital ArtLords, will spearhead the newly established council. Over the past year Reneldy has single-handedly curated nearly 10,000 submitted portfolios and selected over 500 artists and their works for our signature, high profile front-page feature. Along with continuing to manage and curate features, Reneldy will work with the council on identifying candidates for expanded features and the ‘Rookie of the Month’.

* * *

Digital ArtLords has one overarching goal amongst all others: To raise both the cultural and tangible value of digital art. This council is dedicated to discovering current and future talent that will help showcase to the public the true value of digital art.

Don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us with questions about any aspect of Digital ArtLords and the newly announced Features Council. If you’re an artist and would like to be considered for an expanded feature, send us a note at [email protected]

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Founder of Digital ArtLords

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