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Top Ten Trending Images – September 2015

Announcing the Top 10 Trending Images for September of 2015. This month our Top Ten comes a bit late, but for a very good reason. We held off on the Top Ten so that we could announce it along side our fancy new blog. So check out the Top Ten, than browse around and let us know what you think of our new look, and our new system.

10. Swordmaster At Peace by Marc Sampson

swordmaster at peace by marcsampson

9. Princess Of Hell by Heon Hwa Choe

princess of hell by kilart

8. Pudge by Mike Azevedo

pudge by mike.azevedo

7. Storm Is Coming by Hurcem Kucukdogan

storm is coming by hurcemk

6. Yorick The Gravedigger by Gary Laib

yorick the gravedigger by gary_laib

5. Magclay 05 by Caleb Nefzen

magclay 05 by calebnefzen

4. Gyar Rivercrossing by Mark Molnar

gyar rivercrossing by mark_molnar

3. Wyvern Mermaid by Yong Hui Ng

ascension 23- wyvern mermaid by cglas

2. Hex Lms Tribute by gary jamroz-palma

hex - lms tribute by garyjamroz

1. Obelisk by Eren ARIK

obelisk by erenarik

Congratulations to all of the incredible artists featured above!


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