Draw or Die Ascenscion 23 – Winners Thread

Draw or Die 22 Challenge Results

The results of the Draw or Die: Ascension 23 Challenge are in and we can’t wait for you to see the winners!

Draw or Die is a study group where artists post their works and get critiques by their peers and industry professionals. Last month the challenge was to re-design a Mermaid. The winners were chosen by the Draw or Die team and Ascension 23 challenge Art Director Ross Tran.

We’ll confess, we’d only committed to featuring the winners of Ascension 22. Upon hearing about Ascension 23 and a brief discussion with Ricky Martinez, founder of the Draw or Die group, we decided to do a special “winners” showcase for this challenge … a nd then their were 70+ entries and we said “Oh crap!”. So this time around we took things a bit further. After posting the 5 winners of this challenge we went through the finals thread and picked out another 25 entries that we fell in love with.  Scroll down below to see all 30 wonderful mermaid re-design entries.

And the winners are … *drum roll*

Ng Yong Hui

1st Place

Conor Burke

2nd Place

Nell Fallcard

3rd Place

Melqui Ades

Honorable Mention

Nico Lee Lazarus

Honorable Mention

The following are some of the pieces that stood out most to us. These are organized in the order that they were submitted.

Eric Summers

Esther Eberl

Manuel Castañón

Florian Moncomble

Zach Bradley

Alexandre Lucas

Boris Boubou

Feenix Fabay

Ruud de Jong

Stephen Garrett Rusk

Jen Waldon

Lúcia Pimpinela

Matthew Cowdery

Max Heyder

Hans Olo

Ion Peia

Muten Roshi

Hazem Ameen

Muten Roshi

Reiko Groß

Muten Roshi

Taylor Christensen

Muten Roshi

Christian Angel

Muten Roshi

Charles Lister

Muten Roshi

David Eugene

Muten Roshi

Hector David Betancur

Muten Roshi

Sacha Angel Diener

Muten Roshi

Richard Romare

Muten Roshi

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