Week of Stories – Sept 7-14

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You’ve written 300 Stories!

This week our community reaches a major milestone with 300 Stories being written. Stories are narratives inspired by the art that’s been contributed by our talented community of Digital Artists. ArtLords artists are known to be the very best in the industry and their works have inspired the creation of some seriously cool stories.

What is Stories?

It’s our baby, and we absolutely love it.

20141231155919838001Stories came about after a short discussion about where to store our silly Facebook and Twitter posts. With each post we were including short comments or statements to go alongside the art. We’re not artists and didn’t want to pretend we were, so instead of talking about technique or attempting to critique the art, we referenced funny internet memes, movie quotes, or whatever we thought was funny. These posts were getting better and after a couple of dozen posts we decided to build a small app to store them. We eventually invited some actual writers to contribute to each images “lore”. And with that, Stories was born.

Week of Stories

For the next week, September 7-14, we’ll be celebrating Stories with a special “Week of Stories” event. Each day our Top feature will be a Story written by someone from our community. We’re going to try and feature a different writer each day so if you love writing, or have a friend that loves writing, give it a try.

How stories works

Just find an image you like and write a story. That’s it. We’ll take a look at your submission and if we love it, we’ll feature it! For inspiration and to get started you can check out this weeks Writing Prompt: West World by Simon Goinard (below). For more writing prompts you can check out the Writing Prompts page.

West World

We’ll get back to featuring great Digital Art next week, but for now enjoy all of theincredible stories that have been written!

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Founder of Digital ArtLords

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