Draw or Die 22 Challenge Results

Draw or Die 22 Challenge Results

The results of the Draw or Die: Ascension 22 Challenge have been announced. Hold onto your pants, these entries are good!

Draw or Die is a study group where artists post their works and get critiques by their peers and industry professionals. Last month the challenge was to re-design any Dragon Ball Z character. The winners were choosen by the Draw or Die team and Ascension 22 challenge Art Director Esben Lash Rasmussen. Digital ArtLords teamed up with Draw or Die to reward the winners of this awesome challenge.

So, without further ado, the winners are…

Champion 1st Place

Muten Roshi

Congratulations to Reiko Groß from Munich, Germany. The winning piece depicts a redesigned Master Roshi with his legion of minions (turtles). Reiko’s piece asks you to imagine Master Roshi as an RPG Villian. OK, we can do that!

Reiko will receive the following prizes.

  • A homepage feature on Digital ArtLords
  • A custom Print of Muten Roshi to hang on his wall
  • A special Writing Prompt posted to ArtLords Stories

2nd Place

Muten Roshi

The first runner-up asks us to imagine DBZ set in the Star Wars universe. This piece OOZES with awesomeness and a killer style! Congratulations to Sebastian Horoszko from Kraków, Poland. Great work!

Sebastian will receive the following.

  • A custom Print of Star Dragon Ball Wars to hang on his wall

3rd Place

Muten Roshi

Can you imagine DBZ in the Victorian age? Taylor Christensen from Los Angeles takes us there with his epic fight seen between a stylish Vegeta and a menacing Majin Buu. Congratulations to Taylor for being the second runner-up in this challenge and for an incredible piece!

Taylor will receive the following.

  • A custom Print of Victorian Dragon Ball Z to hang on his wall

Honorable Mention

Muten Roshi

The Honorable Mention goes to Julie Mccartney from Philadelphia. Congratulations Julie on a job well done!

Notable Entries

We wanted to take a moment to honor a couple of pieces that didn’t place this time around but deserve a Digital ArtLords shout out.

Vegeta Cage Fighter by Luke Maddox

Muten Roshi

Untitled by Oana Mocanu

Muten Roshi

Congratulations to all of the winners and for a great Ascension 22 Challenge!

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Founder of Digital ArtLords

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