Mike Azevedo’s Adventure Time

We’re always excited when one of our Master Series artists takes an “Art Dump” on  ArtLords. The latest one from Mike Azevedo is no different. In addition to new character designs, illustrations and nasty dragons, Mike included some stunning Adventure Time character illustrations he’d been working on.

What we love most about this series is how Mike has made each character his own. We especially love that he went after some more obscure characters like Flame King and the Water Nymph.

Check it out than let us know what you think in the comments below.

Princess Bubblegum

Cuppa and Potta
Princess Bubblegum’s looking great in her summer outfit!


Ice King

Cuppa and Potta
We are not sure why Ice King is dressed in a winter scarf – I mean, he’s the freaking Ice King! But it’s never been cooler to see Simon wearing a sweater and sipping some Hot Cocoa!!


Water Nymph

Cuppa and Potta
Water Nymph’s looking like royalty! Her hair is out of this world.


Breakfast Princess

Cuppa and Potta
Breakfast Princess surfing on a pancake. What’s not to love?


Flame Princess

Cuppa and Potta
Flame Princess looking calm and collected – for once.


Flame King

Cuppa and Potta
Like usual, the Flame King plotting his fiery revenge.


If you’d like so see more of Mikes work you can check out his full gallery here.

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