Bit Fest Boston with Digital ArtLords

Night Shift Brewing

A very big Thank You to the Bit Fest Boston and Night Shift Brewing crews for pulling off an amazing event. We were there for 2 nights and it was an absolute blast hanging out with Gideon Coltof and the rest of the Bit Fest team. They brought out hundreds of Gamers looking to enjoy old school arcades and locally brewed beer and they didn’t disappoint.

ArtLords showcased 18 incredible 1 of a kind Prints made available by some of our favorite artist members.


Our Prints were a massive hit!

The crowd favorite was Bane Vs Venom by Andy Timm from Alpharetta, Georgia. and we could barely keep them on the shelves!

Bane vs Venom

Bane vs Venom Night Shift

Another crowd favorite was Cuppa and Potta by Artist Gary Laib from San Francisco. It did great at Night Shift as it very closely resembles the Night Shift Brewing logo.


Cuppa and Potta

Cuppa Night Shift

Thanks to all of the other artists that worked with us to pull off this very cool event.

Mark Molnar, Ahmed Rawi, Jose Vega, Gabriel Ramos and Edouard Noisette who made a lot of gamers very happy!

One last big THANK YOU to Christopher Gonzalez from Dapper Pixel and his wonderful wife for saving my butt when I ran out of juice on my laptop. They’ve got some really cool t-shirts so be sure to check them out!

Dapper Pixel

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