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Top 10 Trending Images – June 2015

Here are the Top 10 Trending Images from June of 2015. These pieces were flooded with views and at the top sits Edgy Ziane who dominated our list.

How did we choose the Top 10? We didn’t! We just looked at our traffic stats and posted the 10 with the most views in ascending order. Check all of them out below.


1. Batgirl by Edgy Ziane

batgirl by edgy


2. Catwoman by Edgy Ziane

catwoman by edgy


3. Superman Redesign by Asher Ben Alpay

superman redesign by artofasher


4. Alien Redesign by Soren Zaragoza

alien redesign by soren


5. Batman by Edgy Ziane

batman by edgy


6. Diabloiii Shield by Ruan Jia

diabloiii - shield by ruan_jia


7. Dragon Radar Dragon Ball Z by Steven Cormann

dragon radar - dragon ball z by stevencormann


8. Geekrican Final by Jose Vega

geekrican final by josevega


9. Bad Cards by Thomas Moor

bad cards by thomasmoor


10. Mortal Kombat X Scorpion by Serg Soul

mortal kombat x - scorpion by serg.soul


Congratulations to all of the incredible artists featured above! Don’t forget to sign up and upload your works to be the next one featured on Digital ArtLords.

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Founder of Digital ArtLords

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